Monday, August 14, 2017

DIY Customized Body Butters

There is nothing quite as luxurious as a good body butter. People are willing to pay unbelievable prices for them, often not even realizing how many chemicals & unnecessary crap is in the store-bought ones.
A few years ago I learned how to make my own, and I was shocked to find out how easy and inexpensive it was to make them. The best part?!- Being able to put whatever ingredients I want in them, and KNOWING exactly what those ingredients are !!
All you need to know is a very simple formula to start creating your own amazing body butters!!...
You need to have EQUAL amounts of butters & oils..from there you can add whatever extras you want (botanicals, essential oils, extracts,etc..)If you add oils just be sure you cunt them when doing the math!!)
Keep in mind that some butters have a softer consistency and some are much harder If you use the softer ones, your butter will be softer..Just common sense..
These butters are very soft:
Aloe Butter
Mango Butter
Avocado Butter
Jojoba Butter
These are much harder -
Kokum Butter
Cocoa Butter
Shea butter is the most widely used butter, and it falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum-not tooo soft, not too hard.It always make an awesome body butter, even on it's own. I highly recommend using it as at least one of your butters.
Another thing to keep in mind is that different oils have different benefits, and some are much thicker than others.
These oils are pretty thick and can make a greasier body butter -only use these if your skin is extremely dry!!
-Olive Oil
-Castor Oil
DO your research and you will be able to figure out which oils you should use ..Customize them depending on skin type and desired benefits.
Once you have figured out which butter/oils/additives you are going to use, simply measure them out and put the butters in a glass bowl and microwave in smalls bursts, or you can melt them in a double boiler on the stove.

Once they are melted, simply stir them and put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Once cooled off go ahead and add your oils and other additives...
****(a little trick-if you do not want it to be greasy, add about 2 tsp of tapioca starch or arrowroot powder !)****
If you do not want a whipped body butter , simply mix everything together and pour into clean containers.

If you do want it to be WHIPPED, you need to continue whipping for a few minutes. You will know when it is ready just by how it looks. You want it to be thick and fluffy.

Once it is done, just put it into clean containers and admire your masterpiece !!

See, I told you it was super easy!!! My favorite part is being able to customize the butters for myself and my customers. There are endless ways to make these your own!! Experiment a little-you might be surprised at what you end up with!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Body Jewellery Shop August 2017

Time for another haul from my favorite body jewelry site! Body Jewellery Shop is an awesome place to get earringsmakeup, septum jewelry, & much, much more.
Here is what I got in this haul:


I LOVE this septum ring! It opens and closes super easy and is so comfortable For me it is just the right size,too. Not too big
and not too small !                                                                                           ***********************************************************************************************************************                        


I already have a bunch of these in many different colors, but they are absolutely my favorite type of jewelry, so I can really never have too many! They are so versatile-I use them in my ears, lips, septum, & nose. They are great because they are easy to open and close, and once they are clamped shut they feel like a continuous hoop. The ones I get from BJS are always great quality, and feel very comfortable in my piercings.



I LOVE all of BJS's rainbow jewelry! Unlike the ones you find at all of the other body jewelry sites & stores, these actually look like rainbow!! They always have all of the colors on them. It seems like all of the other places think that 2 different colors is all that is needed to call it rainbow. I will NEVER buy rainbow jewelry from anyone else ever again!
Also, it is really hard to find the FLAT studs for body jewelry. I only know of one other site that sells them, but they do not have the variety or value that BJS does.
I have 2 of these rainbow studs and I use them in my cheek piercings! It is hard to see the colors in pictures, but trust me, they look great in person!

The last 2 items I got are from the STARGAZER makeup line. I really love their eye shadows-super pigmented and they come in colors that are really hard to find! (neon, bright red,etc)
BJS has a nice selection of STARGAZER makeup and even hair dye (which I have also used and it is phenomenal!)

 I love this color!! It is bright, beautiful pink with lots of gorgeous glitter in it! The container is packed full too!It does not have a sifter in it, so be really careful opening it, or you might end up with a big mess!And believe me, you do not want to waste this eyeshadow!! I can't wait to try other colors of this. It is so much prettier than I imagined it would be!


I was surprised at how big this pan of shadow is!! I really like the hinged opening too! It makes it much easier to use! The color is a stunning bright, neon,fluorescent yellow. Very pigmented,too! Definitely going to be trying out other colors !!It comes in a red that I know will be gorgeous! (Not to say the other colors won;t be, I'm sure they are all beautiful!!)

That is everything from my haul this time. Be sure to check out Body Jewellery Shops's website for yourself! You may be surprised at just how many awesome things you find there!!


Body Jewellery Shop Haul 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sp00ky EyEs Pink & Green Lenses

I am excited to show off my newest contact lenses from Spooky Eyes...These contacts are amazing!! Both of them cover up my brown eye color so well, you would never know what color my eyes are under these lenses! And they are both so vivid and gorgeous!! I simply could not be happier!!

These are the Color Vision Pink Eye Contact Lenses

 I have been looking for a good pair of pink lenses for a long time, but every time I think I have found them, I try them on and you cannot even tell they are pink because the brown always shows through...but not in these!! I have FINALLY found THE pink contacts I have always wanted!!! I am so in love with these I cannot even find the words to tell you how pleased I am.... Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves, and you can see just how awesome they look!
The next pair are just as amazing! The bright green color is so pretty, and just like with the pink ones, the brown does not show through!
They are called Green Manson Contact Lenses

I have quite a few pair (probably around 10) of contacts from Sp00ky Eyes  & every pair have been extremely comfortable and very durable. All of them are very high quality, and they have great prices too. Their selection is also incredible! I highly recommend them!!

For the pink ones, click on this link:

For the green ones, click here:

To start on their homepage, click here:

Sp00ky EyEs Contacts

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Medusa's Makeup May Beauty Box (2017)

 May 2017 Beauty Box


Vegan & Cruelty Free!

 The products in the box this month are:







 Retail value of these products is $38, so the $15.95 you pay for this box is definitely worth it!!!!

 Get your own here!!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Body Jewellery Shop Haul & Review May 2017

 As you all probably know by now, I get things sent to me quite frequently for review from this amazing company called Body Jewellery Shop. Everything they have ever sent to me has been excellent quality, and I LOVE them & their products so much !!
 I received 3 items to review this month, & as usual, I am very happy with them all!
This first item is too cute to even put into words, but thankfully I have pictures !!..
It is a Stainless Steel Ear Cuff, in the shape of a beautiful elephant. This piece of jewelry is soo cool ! The most awesome thing about this one is that even if you do not  want to pierce your helix, you could still wear it!! That's right!.. It is an ear cuff, so no piercings required~

 The second jewelry item I got is a teeny tiny hinged stainless steel segment ring. It is 1.2 x 6mm, and it fits my septum piercing perfectly! I was not sure it would be big enough, and it was a tight fit, but that is exactly what I wanted. I am so glad I took the chance and got this ! I have a lot of other hinged segment rings, but none are this little. Hinged segment rings work in so many piercings and they are the most secure jewelry I have found! Once they are hooked, they are not going to budge! This is why they are my absolute favorite type of piercing jewelry!

 The last item is a makeup product, They sell a line of makeup & hair dye called Stargazer. I have tried the hair dye and a few of the makeup products, and they are all really nice!! The eyeshadow I got this time is no exception. It is a beautiful shade of deep purple and the texture and pigment of it are pretty amazing. It is available in quite a few other colors, and they also have many other types of eye makeup available.
This is the Stargazer Eye Dust in the shade Plum Purple..

Be sure to go and check out their website! They have so much to choose from!They have every kind of ear jewellery you can imagine,Jewellery for every type of piercing there is, makeup, hair color, and so much more!! Their prices are very low,the quality of everything is remarkable,& the shipping is cheap(and really fast!!)