Monday, June 5, 2017

Sp00ky EyEs Pink & Green Lenses

I am excited to show off my newest contact lenses from Spooky Eyes...These contacts are amazing!! Both of them cover up my brown eye color so well, you would never know what color my eyes are under these lenses! And they are both so vivid and gorgeous!! I simply could not be happier!!

These are the Color Vision Pink Eye Contact Lenses

 I have been looking for a good pair of pink lenses for a long time, but every time I think I have found them, I try them on and you cannot even tell they are pink because the brown always shows through...but not in these!! I have FINALLY found THE pink contacts I have always wanted!!! I am so in love with these I cannot even find the words to tell you how pleased I am.... Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves, and you can see just how awesome they look!
The next pair are just as amazing! The bright green color is so pretty, and just like with the pink ones, the brown does not show through!
They are called Green Manson Contact Lenses

I have quite a few pair (probably around 10) of contacts from Sp00ky Eyes  & every pair have been extremely comfortable and very durable. All of them are very high quality, and they have great prices too. Their selection is also incredible! I highly recommend them!!

For the pink ones, click on this link:

For the green ones, click here:

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