Thursday, August 10, 2017

Body Jewellery Shop August 2017

Time for another haul from my favorite body jewelry site! Body Jewellery Shop is an awesome place to get earringsmakeup, septum jewelry, & much, much more.
Here is what I got in this haul:


I LOVE this septum ring! It opens and closes super easy and is so comfortable For me it is just the right size,too. Not too big
and not too small !                                                                                           ***********************************************************************************************************************                        


I already have a bunch of these in many different colors, but they are absolutely my favorite type of jewelry, so I can really never have too many! They are so versatile-I use them in my ears, lips, septum, & nose. They are great because they are easy to open and close, and once they are clamped shut they feel like a continuous hoop. The ones I get from BJS are always great quality, and feel very comfortable in my piercings.



I LOVE all of BJS's rainbow jewelry! Unlike the ones you find at all of the other body jewelry sites & stores, these actually look like rainbow!! They always have all of the colors on them. It seems like all of the other places think that 2 different colors is all that is needed to call it rainbow. I will NEVER buy rainbow jewelry from anyone else ever again!
Also, it is really hard to find the FLAT studs for body jewelry. I only know of one other site that sells them, but they do not have the variety or value that BJS does.
I have 2 of these rainbow studs and I use them in my cheek piercings! It is hard to see the colors in pictures, but trust me, they look great in person!

The last 2 items I got are from the STARGAZER makeup line. I really love their eye shadows-super pigmented and they come in colors that are really hard to find! (neon, bright red,etc)
BJS has a nice selection of STARGAZER makeup and even hair dye (which I have also used and it is phenomenal!)

 I love this color!! It is bright, beautiful pink with lots of gorgeous glitter in it! The container is packed full too!It does not have a sifter in it, so be really careful opening it, or you might end up with a big mess!And believe me, you do not want to waste this eyeshadow!! I can't wait to try other colors of this. It is so much prettier than I imagined it would be!


I was surprised at how big this pan of shadow is!! I really like the hinged opening too! It makes it much easier to use! The color is a stunning bright, neon,fluorescent yellow. Very pigmented,too! Definitely going to be trying out other colors !!It comes in a red that I know will be gorgeous! (Not to say the other colors won;t be, I'm sure they are all beautiful!!)

That is everything from my haul this time. Be sure to check out Body Jewellery Shops's website for yourself! You may be surprised at just how many awesome things you find there!!